MCMC Vision & Mission


The mission of MCMC is to ensure the establishment and maintenance of the house(s) of Allah, service the needs of the Muslim community, and be a beacon of light to the larger society.


“One person can change the world, but it takes an entire community to raise that person.”
We envision the future leaders of the Muslim ummah – both men and women – to be brought up and fostered in MCMC. We take care of their needs from birth to adulthood, by giving them and their parents the tools and support they need to thrive as great Muslims.


  • Unity – We remain united upon the creed of Islam as a Multi-ethnic, Sunni Muslims (Ahlul Sunnah wa’l Jammah)
  • Respect- We respect people of all faiths, backgrounds, and social backgrounds
  • Welcoming – We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for all