Maktab Islamic Studies After School Program

What is MAKTAB ?

Maktab is an After School Program, specially designed to teach Quran and Basic Islamic Knowledge, to public school going children.

The program offers Daily Quran Learning(Qaidah & Nazrah) and Core Islamic Subjects. The Islamic Subjects are based on the “Tasheel series” curriculum. The Tasheel series was developed by Ulama and Educators in South Africa and has gained tremendous popularity in English Speaking countries.

The goal of Maktab program is to provide an Islamic environment on school days; to develop well mannered Muslim children with strong faith. Therefore the Maktab policy: “Public School ON, Maktab ON; Public School OFF Maktab OFF“.  MCMC Maktab follows Piscataway public school calendar. As a result the students connect Maktab program, to their regular school.

Important Update: Maktab program will extend to Middle school students this year. Separate class each for boys and girls to learn Quran and Islam daily.

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