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The Masjid remains open for all prayers from Fajr through Isha. Friday and Taraweeh prayers are widely attended. During Ramadan besides Taraweeh prayer detailed Qur�anic Tafseer are presented by a renowned Islamic scholar. The Eid congregational prayers are arranged at rental halls to facilitate larger gatherings.
Aims and Objectives of Friday Sermons (Khutbat-e-Jum'ah):

The Friday Khutba has a special place in Islam. Its purpose is motivational and educational, as can be discerned from the Khutbas of Rasulullah, alayhissalam, and those of the early generations of Muslims. The message of each Khutba was carefully selected so that it can bring about changes in attitudes and behavior through knowledge, understanding and awareness. The Khutba needs to play a similar role in our society today. But Muslims can only benefit from it if they knew its purpose and paid keen attention to it at every Jumuah.

The purpose of the Friday Khutba, in brief, is to exhort the people and remind them of their duties to Allah, to clarify their Aqidah, to explain their Ibadah, to correct their practice of Islamic teachings, to make them aware of the challenges and difficulties they face as Muslims, to insulate them from false and deviant ideologies, to show how Islam is more a way of life than a religion in the narrow sense, and to urge them to do da�wah. Thus, a khateeb will not only talk about Salah & Zakah, Sawm & Hajj, but will shed light also on the problems affecting Muslim marriages and families, the education of our boys and girls, and the deviant thinking and behavior in society that have negative and disastrous influences upon us. A khateeb cannot promote any political party or candidate. However, references to social trends, natural occurrences and politics are not out of bounds if they can help to shape the Aqidah and behavior of Muslims.

We, therefore, urge all Muslims to learn the Fiqh of Jumu�ah and practically apply it, such as being quiet and paying keen attention to the Khutbah, so that they can gain the maximum benefits from their attendance at the Masjid.
  Any prayers/Salah related questions should be directed to Imam or Religious Affairs Committee.
    Salah Timings**
 Salah   Iqamah   Start Time
 Fajr   6:15 AM   5:44 AM*
 Zuhr   1:20 PM   1:06 PM
 Asr   5:45 PM   5:23 PM
 Maghrib   7:13 PM   7:13 PM
 Isha   8:45 PM   8:27 PM
 Jum'ah   1st: 1:15 PM
  2nd: 2:15 PM
 *Sunrise at 7:00 AM
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