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Imam Nizam Ahmad Raouf Zaman

Imam Raouf is a graduate of the Aleemiyyah Institute of Islamic Studies (Karachi, 1975) and a graduate of Faculty of Usuluddin, Al-Azhar (Cairo, 1978). He has also served as an Islamic worker and teacher with the Guyana Islamic Trust (Guyana, 1979-2000) and held the position of Principal at Guyana Islamic Institute (1997-2000). In addition, he was Imam at Masjid Darul Qur'an, Bay Shore, NY (2000-2003). Presently he is serving as an Imam of Muslim Center of Middlesex County.

  Imam Raouf's phone: (732) 463-2004 x101
  Imam Raouf's email:
  Imam's Schedule:

Imam schedule includes time for religious responsibilities, office hours, and educational activities.

Imam may be away due to following activities:
  1. Interfaith meetings
  2. Interfaith programs
  3. Weddings
  4. Janazah (bath & burial)
  5. Family counseling
  6. Others
Articles by Imam Raouf Zaman:
Where does Islam stand on terrorism, mass killing and acts of violence? What should be the Muslim stance on such acts?
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Article published in Courier News on December 11, 2015 on the coverage of press conference held at MCMC:
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Published in Courier News and Home News Tribune on August 19, 2009.
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The Miracle of the Poisoned Sheep: An Article by Sh. Raouf Zaman
  Note: In most cases, response to emails are provided within 48 hours of receiving the email.  
    Salah Timings**
 Salah   Iqamah   Start Time
 Fajr   6:15 AM   5:44 AM*
 Zuhr   1:20 PM   1:06 PM
 Asr   5:45 PM   5:23 PM
 Maghrib   7:13 PM   7:13 PM
 Isha   8:45 PM   8:27 PM
 Jum'ah   1st: 1:15 PM
  2nd: 2:15 PM
 *Sunrise at 7:00 AM
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