In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

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In the name of Allah. The Most Gracious. The Most Merciful.

As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu
Welcome to the website of the Muslim Center of Middlesex County(MCMC), Piscataway, New Jersey.
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MCMC Membership Renewal

The pre-filled membership renewal letters have been mailed. Please review it, if any of your contact information has changed, please update it and return the letter by January 31, 2015. You may drop it at the MCMC office or mail it to: MCMC, 1000 Hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ 08854.

If you a member and have not received the membership renewal letter, please email at You may check whether your membership is correct or not by visiting:

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Qurani Arabic 101 at MCNJ by Imam Asif

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MCMC Breakfast Club

MCMC Breakfast Club

For more information contact MCMC office or email at

Qur'anic Reading with Tajweed (Tajweed Nights)

The session will now be after Isha. The Isha Iqamah on weekends is at 7:30 PM.

Another great opportunity to develop your relationship with the Book of Allah Subhanahu wata'la. The Tajweed nights are on Sundays evenings. This is a one-year program focusing on practical Quranic reading and practice. This program is open to all and will be conducted by Dr. Abu Zayd.

For more information, email at

Community Service: Job Search

If you are looking for a job or in a position to offer jobs or know about open positions, please email at Please DO NOT send lengthy messages and resumes, summarize your message in 140 words.

  • PhD - Biochemistry (Germany), recently completed post-doc in stem cell cancer research. Looking for opportunities in medical research field, open to relocation.; cell: 201.621.2414.

For more information, email at

Help MCMC when you shop from Amazon next time

Help MCMC when you shop from Amazon next time

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Check your MCMC Membership Status

Check Membership Status

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MCMC $30 Campaign

MCMC $30 Campaign

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Other important events in the community

The Story of Jibreel by Sh. Omar Suleiman at NBIC on Feb 6th

INSTRUCTOR: Sheikh Omar Suleiman
SCHEDULE: Friday, February 6th | 7-10 PM
LOCATION: New Brunswick Islamic Center (NBIC) | 1330 Livingston Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Note: This class is recommended for 7 yrs and above. Fee is $20 for kids (7 yrs and above) & adults. Babysitting WILL BE PROVIDED at the venue with a charge for kids under the age of 7.

Click here to register

al-Bayquniyyah: An Introduction To Hadith Sciences - Comprehensive 3 months seminar with Dr. Abu Zayd

Are you confused by the diversity of hadith books and terminology? How do you know if a hadith is authentic? Why are there different versions of the same hadith? Have you always wanted to read Bukhari and Muslim but feel overwhelmed? Can we ever use weak hadith?

Obtain Ijazah in Bayquniyyah plus selected texts. Learn about the lives of Hadith scholars.
Starts JAN 28. Every Wednesday 7PM at Why Islam Center (132 Hamilton Blvd, Somerset, NJ)
$50 Registration fee and limited seating. E-mail to join

AlMaghrib Seminar - Fiqh of Love: Marriage in Islam

When: Feb 13-15, 21-22 (Friday Feb 13 is FREE)
Time: 7PM-10PM on Friday, 10AM-7PM on Saturday/Sunday
Where: Al-Wali Community Center, 9 Olsen Ave, Edison, NJ 08820 (Free Parking)
Who: Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD
Seminar Info:


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    Salah Timings**
 Salah   Iqamah   Start Time
 Fajr   6:30 AM   5:50 AM*
 Zuhr   1:15 PM   12:12 PM
 Asr   3:45 PM   3:33 PM
 Maghrib   5:15 PM   5:15 PM
 Isha   7:30 PM   6:32 PM
 Jum'ah   1st: 12:30 PM
  2nd: 01:30 PM
 *Sunrise at 7:09 AM
 January 2015 (Rabi I - Rabi II 1436)  More>>
 2015 Iqamah Schedule
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